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How to Fix Podcasts App Crashing in iOS

An Apple forum user said that since upgrading to iOS 13, his Podcasts app started crashing whenever a user tried to play a podcast. The latest iOS 13 update didn't fix the problem either. It can works badly, not so well as recording call apps. Also, is the Podcasts app still crashing on iPhone iOS 13? Well, it can be frustrating and frustrating. I think you often listen to podcasts on my iPhone.

In addition, the user provides a temporary fix where he downloads an episode and plays it from there. Now it's convenient. However, if you find it annoying, check out the solutions below to fix the Podcast app error in iOS 13 on iPhones.

iOS 13 Podcasts App Issues on iPhone: Possible Solutions

Force Stopping Podcasts App on iPhone

Delete and Reinstall Apple Podcasts App Server is working or

Restart iPhone

Restarting your Wi-Fi router

Reset network settings on iPhone

Reset all Settings on iPhone

Back up your device and set it up like new

Contact Apple Support

Solution #1. Exit the Podcast App

Step 1. On iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen and hold; On iPhone 8 and earlier, double-tap the home button. You will see all open applications.

Step 2. Swipe up the Podcast app card to force it out.

Step #3. Open the Podcasts app again.

This will prevent the app from crashing again in the near future. If the problem persists, read other solutions below. Resolution

Solution #2. Remove and reinstall the Apple Podcasts app

Note: Podcasts downloaded offline will also be deleted. You will need to download it again.

Step 1. On the iPhone home screen, press and hold the Podcasts app icon.

Phase 2. A menu will appear on the iPhone screen with options like search, change the home screen, and more. The last thing is to delete the app.

Step 3. Launch the App Store and tap Search in the lower right corner. Now go to Apple Podcasts and download the app.

Step 4. Open the Podcasts app again.

Solution #3. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off on iPhone

One of the quick and pretty easy solutions to this problem is to turn Airplane Mode on and off. Launch Control Center on your iPhone and tap the airplane icon. Wait 10 seconds and tap the same airplane icon again to turn off airplane mode.

Note: You can also try pre-downloading episodes and playing them in airplane mode (or with Wi-Fi and mobile data turned off). Check if the Podcast app is still hanging!

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